The Fraunhofer Joint Laboratory IDEAS (Interactive DEsign And Simulation) has the goal of fostering research and innovation activities related to the design and development of products and processes. IDEAS has been established in 2012 by DII, the Department of Industrial Engineering at University of Naples Federico II (Naples, Italy) and by Fraunhofer IWU, the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (Chemnitz, Germany). The team currently consists of 4 full professors, 7 associate professors, 4 assistant professors, 3 post-docs, 11 PhD students, 5 collaborators, 2 administrative stuffs.  The team is internationally recognized in design and development of products and processes, covering the topics of: conceptual and engineering design, modeling and simulation, computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, additive manufacturing and reverse engineering, quality and reliability. The research activities of IDEAS are conducted in the areas of: manufacturing (industry 4.0 green technologies, collaborative robotics, bioinspired and soft robotics, exoskeletons, sustainable production processes, assistive devices for the safety of workers, human factors and ergonomics), energy (design of components and robotic solutions for nuclear fusion reactors)  transportation (innovation related to naval, aviation and railway industries), healthcare (medical devices, wearable technology, dentistry), sports (design of sport equipment, werarable technology). The members of the team have published over the years over 300 publications and submitted over 10 patents. Five spin-off Companies have been generated from IDEAS: ProEtico, BeyondShape, Robosan, ETA Bioengineering, Herobots.

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Master Thesis Award to IDEAS former student Nello Floreni


Nello Floreni, a former student from IDEAS Lab, is the recipient of the Master Thesis Award "Sguardi al futuro (EN: Look at the future)" promoted by Scuola Politecnica e delle Scienze di Base of University of Naples Federico II. Nello Floreni got his degree in "Mechanical Engineering for Design and...[read more]