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Giuseppe Di Gironimo is researcher in Design and Methods of Industrial Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II.

Having graduated (cum laude) in Mechanical Engineering (1999), he received the Ph.D. in Mechanical Design (2002). In 2001/2002, during his Ph. D. studies, he worked at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics in Darmastadt (Germany). He is referee of well-known scientific journals and conferences.

He is author of about 100 scientific papers as result of research activities covering the area of Geometric Modelling, Rapid Prototyping, Digital Mock Up, Virtual Reality (VR), Ergonomics Design, Maintainability Design, Assembly/Disassembly Design, Mechanical Design, Product Innovation, Concept Design, Tolerance Design and Robust Design, Fusion Engineering Design.

He is the designer and the responsible of the Virtual Reality Laboratory “VRTEst”, realized for the Center of Competence for Transport Systems of the Campania Region and of the Center “IDEAinVR” (Interactive Design and Ergonomics Applications in VR) of the University of Naples Federico II.

He is the responsible of Mechanical Design and Virtual Reality division at CREATE Consortium. He collaborates with Association EURATOM-ENEA (CREATE) on the Fusion Engineering and Design and, in particular, on Tokamak machines(FAST, ITER and DEMO) conceptual study in Virtual Reality and related Remote Handling issues.

He teaches Mechanical Drawing and Computer Aided Design, for the courses in Industrial Engineering, and Automotive Ergonomics for the Master in Automotive Engineering. He has coordinated several research programs with Italian and European firms and research centers (CEA LIST Cadarache, VTT Tampere, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, DassaultSystemes, TGS, FIAT, Elasis, Firema Trasporti, AnsaldoBreda, Ansaldo-STS, AleniaAermacchi, Piaggio Aero Industries, COMAU, CIRA, ENEA). He is member of the Executive Board and ASSOCIATE EDITOR (Thematic Editor - Virtual Protoyping and Simulation) of the International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing.