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The IDEAinVR Lab, is an advanced facility able to perform interactive, collaborative and immersive design reviews, to evaluate ergonomics and optimize assembly and disassembly sequences, to verify resources and tooling for both manufacture and maintenance, to optimize the production planning, to develop training sessions for operators.

 It is equipped with a multi-screen frontal projection system, a cluster of 6 workstations, different Motion Capture devices, several multi-dimensional input interfaces, CAD, FEM and VR software tools.
 Main goal

 Providing an integrated system that allows designers and engineers to interact with the digital models of the products and simulate their performances, before the products themselves have been realized physically.

 Possibility to analyse and to interact with the Digital Mock-Up of a product in real scale carrying out an immersive Walk Through.
 Comparative analyses of alternative design solutions by a great number of persons belonging to the design team through a participative design approach.

 Improving efficiency and effectiveness of Design Review activities.