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CREAMI (Center of Reverse Engineering and Additive Manufacturing Innovation) Lab at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II was realized on November 2007.

The main activities of CREAMI Lab are: acquisition and 3D reconstruction of real objects, even of complex shape, through two non-contact Reverse Engineering (RE) systems, an active system, the laser scanner Konica Minolta VI- 9i and a passive system, the digital photogrammetry. The software used for the laser scans are Geomagic Studio and Polygon Editing Tool, while for the photogrammetric image processing Rhinophoto, Photomodeler and 123Catch software are used. Furthermore a tool developed in MATLAB by the Researchers of the CREAMI Lab, allows the 3D models reconstruction starting from .dicom data of Computed Tomography (CT) scans.

Furthermore in CREAMI Lab new innovative solutions for Additive Manufacturing systems are studied, through three low-cost 3D printers: Prusa-Mendel I3, Ultimaker e CubeX Trio by 3D Systems.

Several degree and doctoral thesis, research and consultancy projects were carried out using these facilities.
The main CREAMI Lab activities were carried out in the following fields: Automotive, Aeronautic, Naval and Biomedical (especially in the field of dentistry) field.