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COGITO Lab provides methods and software tools for both nominal CAD modelling and variational analysis in mechanical assemblies. In particular, the main tasks of COGITO Lab dealing with: 3D CAD parametric modelling, using top-down or bottom up approaches; digital Mock-Up simulations; Digital Prototyping and FE Simulations. Further tasks deal with industrial engineering design as Assembly Oriented Design, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T); Computer Aided Tolerancing (CAT) for rigid and deformable assemblies; Requirement-Functional-Logical-Physical (RFLP) Design in all-in-one environment.

A specific task deals with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) or Modelica-based modeling and simulation with reference to multiphysical industrial systems. Researchers of COGITO Lab developed, in co-operation with University of Molise, two CAT environments for tolerance analysis: SVA-FEA (Statistical Variational Analysis-Finite Element Analysis) devoted to deformable assemblies and SVA-TOL (Statistical Variational Analysis for Tolerancing) devoted to rigid part assemblies.